History of Montessori Academy of Illinois

Charlene Alderete in Park Ridge, IL

Montessori Academy of Illinois is a private school and a member in good standing of the American Montessori Internationale, the American Montessori Society, the Association of Illinois Montessori Schools, the North American Teachers Association, and registered with the Illinois State Board of Education.

The school was founded in 1993 by Charlene Alderete with a single Primary Program (ages 3-6). In 1995 the first Toddler Program (2 year-olds) was added, and in 1996 the Lower Elementary Program began. The school has continued to expand and enhance its programs to meet the growing needs of the community. One of the distinguishing features of Montessori Academy of Illinois is its multi-lingual and multi-cultural environment, which encourages children to work, learn, and live with diverse groups.

Montessori Academy of Illinois is committed to propagating and maintaining the rights of the child, where the child experiences an academic and social milieu that is divergent and stimulating. The school directs the child so that the child is only in competition with himself/herself. The child’s individual potential is the standard toward which the teacher aims. Individual abilities and talents are recognized, encouraged, and thereby strengthened.

Learning in Park Ridge, IL

The school’s main objective is to maintain an “open door” policy for parents who want access to teachers, classrooms, or administration. The school stresses flexibility and openness in welcoming new ideas that are consistent with the philosophy of the school. It also recognized that some practices or systems may become outdated and should be discarded and replaced with better ones. Life is a continual learning process, not only for individuals, but also for the school.

This school is a partnership between home and school, wherein the aim is to foster the child’s intellectual growth, independence, responsibility, and a sense of self-worth. The result of this partnership is a dynamic community of children, parents, and school staff committed to the positive development of each child.